Chennai greenfield airport, Parandur

Chennai Greenfield International Airport, Parandur

Parandur Greenfield International Airport is a planned greenfield airport project that would provide airport services to the city of Chennai in India.

It’s planned for the state of Tamil Nadu, close to the town of Parandur in the Kanchipuram district. In tandem with Chennai International Airport, it will serve the city. An area of around 5,000 acres has been designated for the planned airport.

Officials in Tamil Nadu’s government have announced that the state-run Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation would oversee the initiative. As part of their search for a new airport for Chennai, the Airports Authority of India surveyed some potential locations.

Chennai New Airport Parandur will be a specialised cargo terminal at the airport, expanding commerce between Chennai and the surrounding areas and hastening the growth of the state’s economy.

Chennai Second Airport Parandur planned construction site encompasses a whopping 5,000 acres. It takes around 1 hour and 50 minutes to drive from Chennai to Parandur (the distance is about 70 kilometres), and about the same from the current airport.




The old Chennai airport at Meenambakkam is rapidly unable to fulfil the growing demand for air travel in the city. At roughly 20 million yearly passengers, airport operations are at near-maximum levels.

The planned greenfield airport for Chennai is located at Parandur, around 40 kilometres from the city centre, and is an ideal answer for the city’s airport requirements. Construction of the airport, which will span a total of 4,000 acres, will begin soon. Based on projections, the airport anticipates handling 60 million yearly travellers.

A brand-new motorway will soon join the airport and the city proper. As a result, it will link Tambaram on the ORR to the airport. Approximately 45 kilometres in length, the motorway will include six lanes.

Jobs at Parandur airport. Thousands of new jobs will be created because of the new airport, which is great news for the local economy. As a bonus, it will help strengthen ties with other countries and encourage more travel.

Adding a New Airport Will Have a Positive Effect on the Economy

Significant economic benefits are expected to accrue to the surrounding region due to the building of Chennai’s second airport. Parandur’s new airport is projected to contribute around a thousand jobs and $1.5 billion to the local economy annually.

It is anticipated that the new airport will have a favourable effect on the environment since it will be constructed using environmentally friendly practices and run-on renewable energy sources. The airport is projected to save 1.5 million tonnes in annual carbon dioxide emissions.

The new airport in Parandur will affect the economy and extend well beyond the borders of Parandur. The new airport will likely be beneficial to the economies of both the greater Chennai area and all of Tamil Nadu. By the time it’s finished in 2028, the new airport will have the capacity to serve up to 50 million people annually.


Why is Parandur chosen for an airport?

After analysing potential airport locations, AAI narrowed their search to two potential sites in Parandur and Pannur. The position of Parandur, 70 kilometres from the heart of Chennai, makes it an excellent choice for the city’s second airport.

Getting to and from the city is a breeze from Parandur because of the excellent road and rail connections. The projected runway length for the airport at Parandur is 3,500 metres, which is sufficient for all aircraft. With this expansion, the airport can accommodate 10 million people annually.


Greenfield airport development is being on at the Parandur airport in Tamil Nadu, India. The Tamil Nadu government is building the airport (AAI) with funding and assistance from the Airports Authority of India.

There will be a split between phases one and two of the airport’s construction. The initial plan for the airport has a single runway that is 3,500 metres long and 45 metres wide. To put it another way, the Airbus A380 will be the largest plane that can use this runway. 

There will be a second runway at the airport measuring 4,000 metres in length and 60 metres in width during the expansion’s second phase. Planes as large as Boeing 747s will have no trouble landing on the new runway.

As part of its aim to make Chennai a worldwide metropolis, the government of Tamil Nadu is expanding the Parandur airport. Direct and indirect employment opportunities would be created because of the airport, making it a major contributor to economic development in Tamil Nadu.

Parandur Airport Location:

Parandur, Kanchipuram district, Tamil Nadu, India

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What is meant by greenfield airport?

Ans – A “greenfield” airport is constructed from the ground up on a previously unoccupied plot of land. The airport is vital to expanding regional commerce and tourism and is widely anticipated to play a significant role in enhancing connectivity.

What is the greenfield approach?

Ans – The term “greenfield development” describes the process of creating a system from scratch without using any existing code as a guide. It’s the method you use when you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by making a brand-new start.

Why does Chennai need a second airport?

Ans – The current airport in the region needs to be geared to meet the expanding expectations that we will have in the future. Because of this, we must want a new airport built on greenfield land that will be able to meet these future demands.

Covid-19 Updates


  •   On arrival at the airport, health screening will take place.if any symptomatic is found you need to undrego a mandatory COVID test and fellow all requisite health protocols before you can proceed any further with your journey
  • if the results are negative and you can take journey home-ward and stay in quarantine 14 days.
  • if your results is postive you will be escorted to a COVID care centre or hospital for treatment based on whether you are symptomatic or asymptomatic
  • Domestic passengers are no longer required to carry a negative RT-PCR test report before before arriving in chennai by flight
  • 14 days home quarantine is mandatory for domestic passengers.symptomatic passenger have to stay in institutinal quarantine till test report are confirmed negative,and then complete the remainder of the 14-days period.
  • However, passengers arriving on Air Bubble and Charter flights must carry a negative RT-PCR test report issued within 96 hr of the departure. A 14-day mandatory home qurantine rule is in place, no paid institutional quarantine stay is required.

COVID testing at chennai airport

For all those international passengers who aren’t carrying a negative RT-PCRreport,the good news in that the chennai airport has set up a testing facility within its premises with plans of increasing the number of centers soon.this will also facilitate your departure in case you have a connecting flight to some other city in the country

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Quarantine rules for domestic passengers

Interstate travelers arriving in chennai also need to undergo mandatory home quartine for fourteen days after landing the state borded by road or rail.only government officials and staff members are exempted from this obligatory it is for international travelers,symptomatic domestic passengers will need to undergo a COVID test, and based on the results they may stay in home quarantine,hospital isolation,or COVID care centres

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Chennai is only partly open to tourists as of now.from december 12,marina and other beaches will be open to visitors,with an appropriate SOP in place

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For individuals arriving from other states,only those found symptomatic will be tested for COVID



All individuals travelling to TN will need to register on the state website and obtain an E-pass through-


 International Airport is now returning to international operations after a break of four months since the lockdown in India. Flights from Chennai will be taking off for locations in the

  • UAE
  • notably
  • Sharjah
  • Abu Dhabi 

Dubai. There is, however, one difference between pre-COVID days of flying – it will not be a daily service due to the ongoing pandemic.

 cancellations Flights

International flights to select cities started in June 2020. The Government of India has suspended international flights till 31 December 2020

  • Turkish airlines             
  • qatar airways
  • British airways
  • Etihad
  • Air arabia
  • Go air
  • Thai airways
  • Indio airlines
  •  Air asia
  • Air india
  • Emirates
  • Ryanai


  • LB 696 |  Air costa( BLR Chennai to Bangalore
  • LB 651 | Air costa (HYDChennai to Hyderabad)
  • S24651  |   Jetlite ( CCUChennai to Kolkata)
  • AI9557 |   Air india (TRZChennai to Tiruchirappally)
  • 6E381 |     Indigo (COKChennai to Cochin)
  • 6E487 |        Indigo (DELChennai to New Delhi)
  • G8 451 |        Go Air ( PNQChennai to Pune)
  • SG501 | Spice jet       (Chennai to Coimbatore
  • 6E 432 |       Indigo (Chennai to Mumbai)
  • 6E381       Indigo( CJBChennai to Coimbatore)

In total there are 37 airlines flying from and to Chennai. Most flights are operated by one of the following carriers:

IndiGo Airlines     Indigo airlines (6E)
Spicejet     Spicejet(SG)
Air India      Air india (AI)
AirAsia India      Air asia india (15)
Go Air      Go air (G8)
Vistara      Vistara(uk)
Qantas      qantas(qf)
Alliance Air      Alliance air(91)
Timbis Air      Timbis air(2t)