Retiring/Rest Room at Chennai Airport


Sleeping pod facility launched at Chennai Airport.

The sleeping pod facility has a plush bed, reading lights, charging station, USB charger, luggage space, ambient light etc. Each capsule can accommodate one person and kid, if under 12 years.

The facility will greatly benefit transit passengers waiting for their connecting flights and provide much-needed respite, an airport release said. With four bed-sized capsules, the ‘Sleepzo’ facility is located in the arrivals section of the domestic terminal, near baggage belt number 1.
Passengers in transit can now take a short stay at the Chennai airport using the newly introduced ‘Sleeping Pod Facility’.

How to Book your sleeping pod at Chennai airport?.


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Chennai International Airport gets sleeping pods: The sleeping pods at Chennai Airport are located next to the Mumbai Central train station. Travellers can relax for the night (or while they are en route) in these pod-rooms or pod-hotels. Here are the specifics. 

Travelling may be exhausting, even if you have reservations for overnight trains or flights that guarantee a good night’s sleep. Feeling anxious is exacerbated by the fact that you are in a new location that is changing, the need to get up early so you can disembark, and the expectation of waking up somewhere new.

Chennai International Airport gets sleeping pods

Furthermore, hotels are sometimes too far away or too expensive for a few hours of peaceful sleep, and airports and train stations aren’t the most comfortable places to sleep when travelling.

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) is said to have installed these sleeping pods, which are situated in the domestic terminal’s arrival hall. The facility, known as “Sleepzo,” will let travellers relax. It has four bed-sized capsules close to baggage belt number 1.

The space has reading lights, a USB charger, luggage space, ambient lighting, blower control, ambient light, and a soft, comfy bed. It is available for use on an hourly basis. As long as the youngster is younger than twelve, these pods can fit one adult and one child, according to a release cited by The Hindu. India, which already has several capsule hotels, is home to the newest of these establishments.

Sleeping Pods For Short Stay Passengers In Chennai

Passengers at Chennai Airport will reportedly be able to rent sleeping pods on an hourly basis. Additionally, the airport authorities hope to eventually provide the option to reserve sleeping pods in advance. These sleeping pods were designed with a traveller’s comfort and needs in mind. Examine everything that is contained in the designated area.

  • Luggage Storage
  • USB charger
  • Comfort Bedding
  • Charging Station
  • Reading Lights

One adult and one child under the age of twelve can sleep in the pods. The sleeping pods were installed to provide visitors with a comfortable travel experience. It would always be preferable to go into a sleeping pod and rest if one is unable to travel to the city or make hotel reservations.

Are Sleeping Pods Comfortable?

In India, sleeping pods were never very fashionable. However, India’s tourism and travel sector is in a state of flux, improving facilities throughout with a focus on comfort and customer happiness. The market is expanding significantly, according to a report that was published earlier this month. Also referred to as nap pods, it won’t take long for them to catch on with Indian tourists.

Chennai International Airport gets sleeping pods

Things To Do At Chennai Airport

These are a few activities you may do at Chennai International Airport to spice up your stories about layovers.

1. Aerohub Mall: For An All-In-All Experience: A skywalk connects the retail centre Aerohub Mall, which is housed inside the Chennai International Airport, to the terminal. The mall contains everything you need to kill time and is accessible to both travellers and the general public. 

2. Meditate at Chennai Airport’s prayer halls: This interfaith area is available to all travellers for free. You can locate a private, calm area and practise meditation there. Because it’s a public place, make sure you show respect to everyone around you.

3. Enjoy The Free Wi-Fi at The Airport: The main terminal, which includes the check-in area, security checkpoint, departure gates, lounges, restaurants, and cafes, offers free high-speed airport Wi-Fi. To use the free Wi-Fi for 45 minutes, all you need to do is sign in with your cell number and enter the OTP that was provided to your number. 

4. Conference Room For Your Rescue: Chennai Airport offers well-maintained conference rooms that are ideal for uninterrupted business meetings. Assume you work as a professional or an entrepreneur. In that instance, you can make effective use of cutting-edge conference rooms and high-speed internet access for your company, whether it is for a video conference, private meeting, or brainstorming session.



Does Chennai Airport have a place to stay overnight?

If you would like to peacefully rest or sleep at Chennai Airport, there are plenty of possibilities. Airport lounges, recliners, motels, and the newly launched Sleepzo sleeping pods are among your options. Some services, on the other hand, are compensated on an hourly basis. You are welcome to enjoy the food, drinks, and Wi-Fi.

How to spend time at Chennai Airport?

In addition to shopping at the duty-free stores, you may visit the airport’s museum, have a massage or spa treatment, dine well at the airport restaurants, and utilise the free Wi-Fi for both business and personal purposes. 

Can we leave the airport when we’re on a layover in Chennai?

Yes. A layover allows you to exit Chennai Airport. It won’t be worthwhile, though, if you only have a little layover because it takes 30 minutes to get to the city centre and visit the surrounding areas. As you exit the airport, keep your boarding card, passport, and visa close at hand.

Why is Aerohub Mall the ideal location for tourists, residents, and shoppers?

Aerohub Mall’s handy position within Chennai International Airport’s grounds makes it simple for travellers to make the most of their downtime. The public can shop, enjoy delicious food and watch films in peace at the mall, which is open to the public as well.

Which tourist destinations are close to Chennai Airport?

Let’s say your travel or layover is longer than expected. If so, you can leave Chennai International Airport and visit some of the surrounding sites, including Vivekananda House, Gandhi Mandapam, Kathipara Square Park, Vandalur Zoo, and St. Thomas Mount.