Security Info

The following items that are banned for carriage on person/hand baggage on board flights operating from civil airports in India; and Indian Registered aircrafts from foreign airports :

Personal Items

  • Lighters
  • Scissors-metal with pointed tips
  • Realistic replica of toy weapon

Sharp Objects

  • Box Cutter
  • Ice Axes/ Ice Picks
  • Knives (any length and type except round-bladed, butter, and plastic cutlery)
  • Meat Cleavers
  • Razor-Type Blades such as box cutters, utility knives, razor blades not in a cartridge, but excluding safety razors
  • Sabers
  • Sword
  • Scissors – metal with pointed tips

Sporting Goods

  • Baseball Bats
  • Bows and Arrows
  • Cricket Bats
  • Golf Clubs
  • Hockey Sticks
  • Lacrosse Sticks
  • Pool Cues
  • Ski Poles
  • Spear Guns

Guns and Firearms

  • Ammunition
  • BB guns
  • Compressed Air Guns
  • Firearms
  • Flare Guns
  • Gun Lighters
  • Gun Powder
  • Parts of Guns and Firearms
  • Pellet Guns
  • Realistic Replicas of Firearms
  • Starter pistols


  • Axes and hatchets
  • Cattle Prods
  • Crowbars
  • Hammers
  • Drills (including cordless
  • portables power drills)
  • Saws (including cordless portable power saws)
  • Screwdrivers (except those in eyeglass repair kits)
  • Tools (including but not limited to wrenches and pliers)
  • Wrenches and Pliers

Martial Arts / Self Defense Items

  • Billy Clubs
  • Black Jacks
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Kubatons
  • Mace/ Pepper Spray
  • Martial Arts Weapons
  • Night Sticks
  • Nunchakus
  • Martial Arts/ Self Defense Items
  • Stun Guns/ Shocking Devices
  • Throwing Stars

Explosive Materials

  • Blasting Caps
  • Dynamite
  • Fireworks
  • Flares (in any form)
  • Hand Grenades
  • Plastic Explosives
  • Realistic Replicas of Explosives

Flammable items

  • Liquid/Aerosol/Gel/Paste or items of similar consistency (Allowed separately, in small quantities required for the duration of journey, in one clear transparent re-sealable one liter size plastic bag. Each item should, however, not exceed 100 ml in quantity).
  • Exception : Medicine/inhaler accompanied by prescription and baby food.
    Fuels (Including cooking fuels and any flammable liquid fuel)
  • Gasoline
  • Gas Torches
  • Lighter Fluid
  • Strike-anywhere Matches
  • Turpentine and paint Thinner
  • Realistic Replicas of Incendiaries

Disabling Chemicals and other Dangerous Items

  • Chlorine for Pools and Spas
    Compressed Gas Cylinders (including fire extinguishers)
  • Liquid Bleach
    Spillable Batteries (except those in wheelchairs)
  • Spray Paint
    Tear Gas

Note : The above mentioned are only indicative lists of items. Commonsense, however, shall prevail in assessing whether an object can be used as a weapon for committing any act of unlawful interference with civil aviation operations.