Chennai International Airport Parking


Chennai Airport Parking Charges: 

AAI revised the parking charges after opening of Multilevel Parking at Chennai Airport.

Chennai Airport Parking has the following charges:


  0 to 30 minutes: 20 INR

  10 to 24 hours: 90 INR

  Bike Parking Charges per day: 90 INR


  0 to 30 minutes: 75 INR

  10 to 24 hours: 500 INR

  Chennai Airport Car Parking Charges per day: 500 INR

Tempo/ Bus/ Truck:

  0 to 30 minutes: 300 – 600 INR

Pre-Paid Taxi/ Commercial Vehicle:

  Pick-up: 40 INR

Valet Parking:

  150 INR + Parking charges   

Parking facility is available at both domestic as well as international terminals.

Parking areas are designated and operational round the clock. Designated pick up and drop off points are identified at both terminals.

Frequent travellers can avail the monthly parking pass.

In case of any grievances kindly address the same to Public Grievance Officer at  or please contact duty manager AAI at 8056220066 for Domestic and 8056220077 for International Terminals.