Note: Proposed rates are inclusive of all taxes including GST.

After two hours, rate will increase by Rs.20/- per hour. For two wheelers, the charge after 2 hours will be Rs.10/- per hour. The parking rate beyond 7 hours up to 24 hours will be 300% of the 30 minutes to 120 minute’s slab and every 24 hours or part thereof.

Only Private Vehicles and AAI Licensee (Aviation Express) will be allowed to pick up passengers in front of Terminal building without paying any fee. All other vehicles will be allowed to pick up the passengers in the parking area only. Accordingly, such vehicles will be charged the parking fee as per time slab and as per type of vehicle.

All vehicles going to Departure level to drop passengers will not be charged any fee. Vehicles parked on the non-parking areas will be towed away and penalised.Parking facility at Airport

Parking facility is available at both domestic as well as international terminals. Parking areas are designated and operational round the clock. Designated pick up and drop off points are identified at both terminals. Frequent travellers can avail the monthly parking pass. In case of any grievances kindly address the same to Public Grievance Officer at [email protected]  or please contact duty manager AAI at 8056220066 for Domestic and 8056220077 for International Terminals.