Chennai International Airport consists of three terminals:
  • The Domestic Terminal (Terminal 1)
  • Chennai International Airport’s New Integrated Terminal Building (T2)

  • The international Terminals (Terminal 3 and Terminal 4)

  • The old terminal at Meenambakkam (Terminal 1) used for cargo and the two terminals at the passenger terminal complex at Tirusulam (Terminals 3 and 4) used for domestic and international passenger operations, respectively.


Chennai Airport Terminal 1 is a Domestic Terminal, also called as KAMARAJ DOMESTIC TERMINAL(KDT)

It serves both domestic arrivals and departures.
This terminal connects Chennai International Airport with 20 different domestic destinations within India.

It was built in 1988. In this terminal you can get all the domestic flights which had two aero- bridges and 48 check- in counters. There are 5 X- ray baggage facilities at domestic terminal. The domestic terminal is connected to the international terminal by moving a walkway it has a total of 9 boarding gates, 6 on the ground floor and 3 on the first floor.

Later, the Anna international terminal (Terminal 3) was built with three aero-bridges. After the completion of the international terminal, the old terminal (Terminal 1) at Meenambakkam was used exclusively for cargo.

Parking bays at the domestic terminal include one in-contact bay for Airbus A300-sized aircraft, nine in-contact bays for Airbus A320/Boeing 737-sized aircraft, and 49 remote bays for A320/737-sized aircraft.

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Take Off on Global Adventures: Your Guide to Chennai Airport’s Terminal 2

The world awaits, and Chennai Airport’s Terminal 2, the Anna International Terminal, is your portal to it!  Get ready to embark on international escapades, experience diverse cultures, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

A World of Connections:

Terminal 2 is your gateway to a universe of possibilities. Numerous international airlines operate here, connecting you to a plethora of destinations across the globe.  Soar to iconic cities like Dubai, London, Singapore, or Bangkok. Explore the vibrant landscapes of Europe, the ancient wonders of Asia, or the bustling metropolises of North America. The choice is yours!

Designed for Smooth Sailing:

We understand that international travel can involve a bit more prep.  But worry not, Terminal 2 is meticulously designed for a smooth and efficient experience. With dedicated arrival and departure areas, spacious check-in halls with over 80 counters, and helpful staff, navigating the terminal is a breeze.

Duty-Free Delights:

Get a head start on your international shopping spree at our extensive duty-free area. Explore a world of luxury brands, from perfumes and cosmetics to designer clothing and electronics.  Find the perfect gifts for loved ones back home, or treat yourself to a well-deserved souvenir.

A Culinary Journey Before Takeoff:

Appease your appetite before your flight at our international food court.  Embark on a global culinary adventure without ever leaving the terminal. Savour delectable dishes from various corners of the world, from Italian pasta and Asian stir-fries to Indian curries and American fast food. There’s something to tantalise every taste bud.

Relax and Recharge:

Need a moment to unwind before your international escapade?  Terminal 2 offers a variety of comfortable lounges where you can relax, recharge, and catch up on work. Some lounges even offer exclusive amenities like showers, massage chairs, and private workspaces.

Seamless Connectivity:

Traveling domestically after your international flight? No problem! Terminal 2 is conveniently connected to the Domestic Terminal (Terminal 1) via a covered walkway. So, you can easily transition to your onward journey within the comfort of the airport.

Welcome to the World:

Chennai Airport’s Terminal 2 is more than just a departure point; it’s the beginning of your grand international adventure. So, fasten your seatbelt, get ready to explore, and let Terminal 2 be your launchpad to a world of unforgettable experiences!



Chennai Airport Terminal 3, also known as ANNA INTERNATIONAL TERMINAL(AIT). Which was built in 1988 after the opening of a domestic terminal( Kamaraj Terminal). It is hub of the International Arrivals.

Terminal 3 connects the Chennai Airport with over 20 destinations worldwide.

In this terminal you can get all international arrival flights. It was built with 3 aero – bridge and it had 45 check -in counters. There are two x-ray baggage facilities at AIT. It has 6 boarding gates on the first floor.

Parking bays at the international terminal include seven in-contact bays for Boeing 747-sized aircraft, 13 remote bays for 747-sized aircraft, one remote bay for an A380 aircraft, and three cargo bays for 747-sized aircraft.

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Chennai Airport Terminal 4 is a new international terminal that opened its doors in late 2017.

Recently, the international terminal was extended further west by adding a new block which includes three aero-bridges. At present, the new international block (Terminal 4) is used for departures while the older Anna terminal (Terminal 3) is used for arrivals.

Soaring High with Style: Your Guide to Chennai Airport’s Terminal 4

Calling all domestic jetsetters!  Get ready for a smooth and stylish departure experience at Chennai Airport’s Terminal 4. This state-of-the-art terminal caters specifically to domestic flights operated by Air India, Vistara, Air India Express, and Alliance Air, making your journey a breeze from start to finish.

Dedicated to Domestic Delights:

Terminal 4 eliminates the pre-flight scramble.  Focus on the excitement of your upcoming adventure within India,  knowing you’re at the right terminal for your Air India, Vistara, Air India Express, or Alliance Air flight. With dedicated check-in counters and efficient baggage handling, getting ready for takeoff is a smooth process.

Tech-Savvy Traveler? We Got You Covered:

Travelers today crave a seamless digital experience. Terminal 4 embraces technology! Take advantage of self-check-in kiosks to breeze through the process or utilize the high-speed Wi-Fi to stay connected with loved ones back home.

Retail Therapy Before Takeoff:

Need a new travel essential, a last-minute gift, or simply want to browse?  Terminal 4 boasts a curated selection of shops catering to your needs. Find everything from travel essentials and local handicrafts to books and magazines to keep you entertained during your flight.

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