Terminal 1

Chennai airport Terminal 1,also called as kamaraj domestic terminal(KDT).It is a domestic terminal,in this terminal you can get all the domestic flights .

Terminal 3

Chennai airport terminal 3 ,also called as Anna international terminal (AIT).it is an international terminal ,in this terminal you can get all international arrival flights.

Terminal 4

Chennai airport terminal 3, also called as anna international terminal (AIT) . It is an international terminal , in this terminal you can get all the international arrival flights.

Latest updates

                      AIRPORT FACILITIES


Simply drop your bags at the baggage drop counters of respective  airlines on utilzing self check in  faclity available in the departure hall of domestic& international terminals you can select seat & prints your boarding pass using this facility.(or) yiu cheak you web cheak in at home and get e-boarding passess. otherwise some just collect the passes at kiosks outsides the airport terminals.this saves a lot of time for you and also reduces congestion 


Free wifi is available for 45 min at the chennai airport.  An indian mobile phone number is required to  receive a pin via SMS. once your time expires ,you have the option to purchase additional time



Passenger and tourist  can avail currency exchanges services with foreign exchanges counters in domestic terminals and 5 counters in international terminals


You can charge your electronic devices for free at moblie charging station located throughout  airport


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