Is Parandur airport confirmed?

Parandur Airport: From Plans to Takeoff – A Confirmation Update

Is Parandur airport confirmed? Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, is set to soar to new heights with the upcoming Parandur Airport. But with a project of this scale, whispers of “Is it confirmed?” can linger. Let’s clear the air and explore the current status of this exciting development.

Parandur airport

From Proposals to Final Site Selection

The story of Parandur Airport began with the vision of decongesting the existing Chennai International Airport. The Tamil Nadu government, recognizing the limitations of the current facility, initiated the search for a suitable location for a greenfield airport (an airport built on undeveloped land).

Several contenders emerged, including Sriperumbudur, Madurantakam, and Parandur itself. The Airports Authority of India (AAI) conducted a thorough pre-feasibility study, evaluating factors like land acquisition costs, presence of obstacles, and overall viability.

In March 2022, AAI shortlisted Parandur and Pannur as the most promising candidates. After further evaluation, considering factors like habitation density and industrial establishments, the Tamil Nadu government confirmed Parandur as the official site in August 2022. This marked a significant milestone, solidifying Parandur’s position as the future home of Chennai’s second airport.

Securing the Green Light: Approvals and Progress

The confirmation wasn’t the final hurdle. Obtaining necessary clearances remained crucial. A critical step came in November 2023 when the Ministry of Defence granted site clearance for the Parandur Greenfield Airport project. This green light from the central government paved the way for further development.

The Tamil Nadu government has also taken proactive steps. A Special District Revenue Officer has been appointed to spearhead land acquisition, a vital process for project commencement. Additionally, a firm has been identified to prepare a Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the metro line connecting Poonamallee to Parandur Airport. This dedicated metro access will ensure seamless connectivity for travellers.

Taking Flight by 2028: The Road Ahead

With key approvals in place and ongoing processes like land acquisition, the project is well on its way. The targeted completion date is set for 2028, bringing us closer to witnessing Parandur Airport become a reality.

Looking Beyond Confirmation: The Potential Impact

Parandur Airport’s significance extends beyond its confirmed status. Here’s what we can expect:

  • Enhanced Connectivity: The new airport will cater to the growing air traffic in Chennai, offering more options for passengers and cargo movement.
  • Economic Boost: The project is expected to generate significant employment opportunities during construction and operation. It will also attract businesses and investments to the region.
  • Infrastructure Development: The construction of the airport will likely lead to the development of surrounding areas, including improved road networks and social infrastructure.

Addressing Concerns: A Balanced Approach

While the project brings promise, it’s essential to acknowledge potential concerns. Land acquisition can be a sensitive issue, and ensuring fair compensation for affected landowners is crucial. Environmental considerations also require careful attention to minimize any negative impact.

The Tamil Nadu government has expressed commitment to addressing these concerns. Transparent land acquisition processes and implementing robust environmental safeguards will be essential for building public trust and ensuring the project’s long-term success.

Parandur airport

Conclusion: Parandur Airport – A Confirmed Vision Taking Flight

Parandur Airport has transcended the realm of proposals. With site confirmation, crucial clearances, and ongoing development, the project is well on its way to becoming a reality by 2028. This greenfield airport promises to enhance Chennai’s connectivity, boost the economy, and contribute to the region’s overall growth. As the project progresses, addressing potential social and environmental concerns will be paramount. Parandur Airport’s confirmed status marks the beginning of an exciting journey for Chennai, and its successful completion will be a testament to well-planned infrastructure development.


When will Parandur Airport be operational?

The targeted completion date for Parandur Airport is set for 2028.

What is the current status of the project?

Land acquisition is underway, and a firm has been identified to prepare a detailed project report (DPR) for a metro line connecting to the airport.

How big will the airport be?

The Parandur Airport is planned for a massive area exceeding 5,300 acres.

Will the airport have multiple runways?

Yes, the plans call for two parallel runways to handle air traffic efficiently.

What kind of facilities will the airport have?

The airport is expected to have multiple passenger terminals, a dedicated cargo terminal, taxiways, and various passenger amenities.

How far is Parandur Airport from Chennai?

Parandur is located approximately 60 kilometres southwest of Chennai.

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