Thirunavukkarasar urges Centre to expedite Tiruchi Metro Rail project

Thirunavukkarasar urges Centre to expedite Tiruchi Metro Rail project

In the Lok Sabha, the MP brought up several long-standing requests about the road and railway infrastructure in the Tiruchi Lok Sabha Constituency.

Su. Thirunavukkarasar, a member of the Congress party in the Tiruchi Lok Sabha, has presented the Centre with numerous demands concerning the railway industry and the road sector that are relevant to his Parliamentary seat. To get the Center’s attention, Mr. Thirunavukkarasar made his list of requests in the Lok Sabha on Thursday and Friday.

Mr Thirunavukkarasar demanded on Friday, under Rule 377, that the Centre construct a four-lane national highway to replace the two-lane one that runs from Tiruchi to Devipattinam via Pudukottai, Karaikudi, and Devakottai.

Thirunavukkarasar urges Centre to expedite Tiruchi Metro Rail project

He pushed for the 240-kilometer state highway stretch between Thanjavur, Pudukottai, Aranthangi, Karaikudi, Kalal, Kalaarkoil, Maravamangalam, Ilayangudi, Paramakudi, Mudukulathur, and Sayalkudi to be upgraded to a national highway. He begged that the 70-kilometer length of the State highway that runs from Pudukottai to Mimisal via Aranthangi and Avudayarkoil be upgraded to national highway status. This includes Aranthangi-Nagudi-Kattumavadi and Musiri-Kulithalai-Pudukottai-Alangudi-Peravurani-Sethubavachathram. 

Speaking during Thursday’s Zero Hour, Mr Thirunavukkarasar urged the Centre to move as quickly as feasible to implement the Metro Rail service project in Tiruchi. According to him, Tiruchi city is located in Tamil Nadu’s central region. It was surrounded by a number of Central government public sector projects, such as the Ordnance Factory and BHEL. He added that Tiruchi had a large population and that there was a lot of public traffic in the area. He thus encouraged the Centre to move quickly to complete the Metro Rail service project in Tiruchi.

In addition to a daily intercity express between Tiruchi and Chennai, he asked the Railway Minister to establish daily trains from Manamadurai to Chennai via Sivaganga, Karaikudi, Aranthangi, and Peravurani. He also asked for daily trains from Tiruchi to Bengaluru and from Pudukottai to Chennai via Tiruchi. Another demand was to lay a new railway line from Thanjavur to Pudukottai. 

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