Semmozhi Poonga

Semmozhi Poonga Botanical Garden

Even if you’re a nature fanatic, Chennai has much to offer you. Many people visit Semmozhi Poonga every day because of its lovely botanical garden. You may take a break from the city’s regular bustle at this spot, which has an artificial pond and plenty of verdant foliage. Furthermore, what’s the deal here? One of Semmozhi Poonga’s many distinguishing features is the extensive collection of exotic plant species from all corners of the globe.

  1. Where is Located?: Semmozhi Poonga is situated in the heart of Chennai city, near the Cathedral Road and opposite the American Consulate.

  2. Botanical Garden: The garden spans an area of about 20 acres and is known for its diverse collection of plants, trees, and flowers. It is designed as a modern botanical park with landscaped gardens, water bodies, and thematic plantations.

  3. Features: Semmozhi Poonga features a variety of plant species, including rare and exotic plants, medicinal herbs, aromatic plants, and ornamental trees and shrubs. The garden is divided into different zones showcasing different types of flora.

  4. Attractions: Visitors to Semmozhi Poonga can enjoy leisurely walks amidst greenery, explore themed gardens such as the Bonsai Garden, Fern Garden, and Butterfly Garden, and learn about various plant species.

  5. Facilities: The botanical garden provides facilities such as seating areas, walking paths, restrooms, drinking water facilities, and shaded areas for relaxation.

  6. Timings: The timings for Semmozhi Poonga may vary, so it’s advisable to check the official website or contact the garden directly for the most up-to-date information on opening hours and ticket prices.

  7. Accessibility: The garden is easily accessible by public transport, taxis, and private vehicles. Parking facilities may be available nearby.


Semmozhi Poonga Botanical Garden Chennai Address:   

Cathedral Road, Teynampet, Ellaiamman Colony, Teynampet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600086, India

Entry Fee & Timings:

The garden opens 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM. Every  Tuesday is holiday.
15 per person for Adults.  10 per person for Children
 40 for Car Parking.  15 for Two wheeler Parking.  75 for Big Vehicles Parking