Popular Domestic Flights from Chennai 

To your delight, the city of Chennai is served by all major domestic airlines. For an economical journey, book tickets with IndiGoAir CostaGoAirTruJet or SpiceJet. Full-service carriers like Air India and Jet Airways provide a luxurious flight with on-board meals and entertainment.

Flights from Chennai to Delhi: Over 70 flights are available on the route on a daily basis. A non-stop air service on the route covers the serial distance of about 1760 km in around 2 hours 40 minutes.

Flights from Chennai to Mumbai: About 1030 km in flight distance from Chennai, Mumbai can be reached from here on a direct flight in approximately 1 hour 45 minutes.

Flights from Chennai to BangaloreA lot of low-cost flights fly for about 290 km from Chennai to Bangalore, so you can be assured of travelling cheaply. By opting for a non-stop flight, you can reach your destination in a little less than 1 hour.

Flights from Chennai to GoaThe flight distance of around 715 km from Chennai to Goa can be covered in 1 hour 30 minutes by a direct air service.

Flights from Chennai to Port Blair: To reach the town in the shortest time, travel on a non-stop flight, which covers the aerial distance of about 1370 km in 2 hours 10 minutes.

International Flights from Chennai

To avoid the hassles of booking two individual tickets and also cut down on travel expense, go for a round trip. Globally acclaimed carriers like Cathay PacificBritish AirwaysEtihad AirwaysEmiratesLufthansa and Malaysia Airlines operate from Chennai International Airport.

Flights from Chennai to Singapore: To travel to the city-state of Singapore, you can pick from over 15 daily flights of both luxury and budget airlines. The aerial distance of around 2900 km between the cities is covered in 6 hours 40 minutes by a direct outbound flight.

Flights from Chennai to ColomboWith more than 20 flights on the route on a daily basis, you have numerous options to reach Colombo. You can cover the aerial distance of approximately 650 km on the route in around 1.5 hours on a non-stop air service.

Flights from Chennai to Dubai: With over 40 flights, Chennai to Dubai is a busy air routes. The two cities are about 2940 km apart in flight distance, which is covered in around 3 hours by a direct flight from Chennai.

Flights from Chennai to LondonEvery day, around 60flights operate from Chennai to Heathrow, Gatwick and London City airports, so you are never short on choices. An outbound non-stop flight to London covers the aerial distance of around 8200 km in approximately 11 hours 50 minutes.

Flights from Chennai to Kuala LumpurIf you want to reach Kuala Lumpur from Chennai, you can pick from over 60 flights on the route, every day. A non-stop flight will transport you over an aerial distance of approximately 2600 km in about 4 hours.