British Airways
             On august 25,1919,british airways forerunner company aircraft and travel limited (AT&T) launched the word’s first daily internatinal scheduled flight between london paris
chennai is one such station to which BA began flights 30 years ago, in nov .chennai-based aviation enthusiasts still remember the airlines’s lockheed L-1011 tristar touching down at the meenambakkam airport airport,on nov 4,1988,as an event that also market the city’s first direct air-link with europe
          British airways serves over 160 destination, including elight domestic and 26 in the united states
       British airways is a member and one of the founders of oneworld, an airlines alliance.
       if your hand baggage goes over the allowances,you may have to put your larger bag in the hold as checked baggages when you’ve used your free checked baggage allowance,you’ll have to pay to put more bags into the hold. if your checked baggage goes over the  weight limit, you may have to pay a heavy bag charge . the weight limits is per bag and can’t be split between multiple bags .no bag over 32 kg can be  accepted as checked baggage
           If your flight is delayed for 5 hours or more,you can get a refund for the part of your journey you did not fly
           If a delay or cancellation of five hour or more disrupts a connecting flight that you booked under the same booking reference and you no longer wish to continue to your final destination, the operating carrier will provide you with a retun flight to your  original point of departure at thr earliest opportunity as well as refungd the part of the journey you did not fly
AAI Integrated cargo complex,Meenambakkam,



BOMMumbai                       LHRLondon            M T W T F S S               22,086                                        2,07,025

DELDelhi                             LHRLondon            M T W T F S S               22,612                                        1,29,945


MAAChennai                      LHRLondon             M T W T F S S               22,953                                        1,72,255


HYDHyderabad                  LHRLondon             M T W T F S S               23,497                                         2,85,977


BLRBengaluru                    LHRLondon             M T W T F S S               23,903                                        1,82,763


DELDelhi                           JFKNew York            M T W T F S S               37,371                                        1,52,755


DELDelhi                            YYZToronto              M T W T F S S               38,309                                        1,08,637


DELDelhi                           BOSBoston               M T W T F S S               38,335                                        1,66,051


BOMMumbai                     BOSBoston               M T W T F S S               40,401                                        1,56,515


HYDHyderabad                 ATLAtlanta                 M T W T F S S               46,940                                        2,26,438