Air India Express Airline

            Air india express is a indian low-cost airline headquartered in kochi,kerala.  it is operated by air india express limited(AIEL) a wholly owned subsidiary of india flag carrier airlines air india. it operates around 649 flights per week to 33 destination including the middle east and southeast asia. the airlines carries around 4.3 million passenger every year connecting 140 city paris.

          it is secondary hubs in thiruvananthapuram,kozhikode and mangaluru airports  and it  commenced in 29 april 2005 15 years ago 


Air india express focuses on providing international flights from tier 2 cities in india to the gulf and south east asia .the airlines files to 33 destination of may 2019 with a primary hub located at cochin internation airport in kochi.on the domestic front the airlines operates from the states of kerala,delhi,andhra pradesh,tamil nadu and maharashtra 


if you nat wish to travel in flight you must cancel the booking at least 12 hours prior to scheduled departure of the flight refund will be made to you subject to applicable cancellation charge .time period less than 24 hour prior departure time/no show  passenger and the cancellation charge is 100% of basic air fare+YQ fuel surcharge +transaction convenience fee per passenger per segment.


if your plans have changed,you can cancel your booking based on the cancellation and refund rules attached to your fares the refund will be processed if you have purchased your ticket ,only the non airlines taxes will be refunded please note that cancellation and refund rules differ for different fare types


Air India Limited,

No 19,

Rukmini Lakshmi  pathi salai,


Chennai  600008.

Tel:044 2345 3366.

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