Air Austral Airlines
              Air Austral is an airline based in the French Overseas of reunion in Indian Ocean
This airline operates scheduled services from reunion to metropolitan France,South Africa,Thailand,India and the number of Destinations in the Indian Ocean This company has 8 airplanes and employs around 900 people.
It is founded in the year 1947 by Gerard Etheve There are around 17 destinations
In India there is only one destination of this airline thet is located in Chennai.
Services of Air-Austral
             Extra meals is provided to the passenger of Air Austral without paying excess amount,For the next shipment choose the fittedd solution to your needs and benifits from attarative rates Air Austral operates daily flights on Paris to Reunion Island Routes with mdern boering 777
Goods are delivered as soon as possible to the passengers
Flight Status
         The Air Austral owns 8 flights across 8 countries with having 17 Destinations,This airpline is primarly for the reunion of countries in the Indian Ocean
The 8 countries such as Comoros,France,India,Madagascar,Mauritius,Seychelles,South Africa and Thailand.
Return and Refund Policy
            Step-By-Step guide off Air Austral Cancellation and reimbursement Cancellation and Reimbursement process.Any Air Austral Cancellation ticket can be cancelled within 24 hours of full refund.
You can fill the form for the refund requestwith the help of official website or with the help of call center,if the ticket is purchased too the travel agencies the refund will availabe at the particular travel agency.For the bettermet visit and book ticket through the official website without any mediator,after completing this process the email is sent to the given email address.


Air Austral Reunion,
Tamil Nadu,

MAAChennai               BKKBankok        SMTWTFS                         14,515INR                                            3,36,643INR