Marina Beach

Marina Beach at Chennai

Got sick of Chennai’s oppressive heat? You can find peace at Marina Beach. Along the Bay of Bengal coast, Chennai has some of the longest beaches in India and among the widest in the nation. Do you have time to see this beautiful site in the early morning or late evening? You should not pass up the opportunity to witness a breath-taking sunrise or sunset from the beach. You may find a wide variety of jewellery and shells at the beachside shops. The beach is a great area to hang out with friends and engage in activities like volleyball.

Marina Beach, or simply the Marina, is a natural urban beach in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, along the Bay of Bengal.

  1. Where is Located?: Marina Beach is located along the Bay of Bengal, stretching for about 13 kilometers along the eastern coast of Chennai.

  2. Length: It is one of the longest urban beaches in the world, offering a vast expanse of sandy coastline for visitors to enjoy.

  3. Attractions: Marina Beach is known for its scenic beauty, with golden sands, gentle waves, and panoramic views of the sea. Visitors can take leisurely walks along the beach, enjoy beachside activities such as horse riding and kite flying, and relax in the soothing sea breeze.

  4. Landmarks: The beach is lined with several landmarks and monuments, including the famous Karl Schmidt Memorial, the Gandhi Statue, and the Chennai Lighthouse, which offers panoramic views of the coastline from its top.

  5. Activities: Marina Beach is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, offering opportunities for picnics, beach games, photography, and enjoying street food from the vendors along the promenade.

  6. Safety: While Marina Beach is a popular destination, visitors are advised to exercise caution and follow safety guidelines, especially regarding swimming in the sea and avoiding crowded areas during peak times.

  7. Accessibility: The beach is easily accessible by public transport, taxis, and private vehicles. There are also parking facilities available near the beach.

  8. Timing: Marina Beach is open to visitors throughout the day, but it’s recommended to visit during early morning or late evening hours to avoid the intense heat during the day and to witness beautiful sunrises or sunsets over the sea.


Marina Beach Road, Mylapore, Tamil Nadu 600005